At All Safe and Sound, we understand how important it is to engage audiences, and one of the most effective ways of doing so is through reliable and effective AV solutions. Our level of expertise and years of experience in managing conference productions allows us to deliver outstanding environments that will captivate audiences from the moment they step into the venue, allowing you the best possible platform to deliver your content and messages.

We understand that each conference has its own unique requirements, so we collaborate with you to create a tailor-made solution. Our consultation process is thorough to allow you to design your conference with an individual project manager to bring your ideas to life. Simply tell us how you want the stage and set to look and we will create a bespoke solution to your specific requirements. However, if your budget is tight we also offer more straight forward ‘off the shelf’ solutions regarding set and staging.

From small conference room set ups, to full stage ballrooms with large-scale projections we can work with any space to create an impact. Our comprehensive, hassle-free service means that you don’t have to rely on multiple suppliers to get the job done.

Making sure that the whole audience can see and hear comfortably is of course paramount, so we have professional and experienced sound engineers and vision mixers on-site throughout the conference to monitor sound levels and to ensure the right content is displayed at the right times. In addition we can also provide lighting solutions, key to creating the desired atmosphere to maximize the visual impact of your chosen venue.

From installation to de-rig, we always supply qualified engineers and technicians to ensure all elements are set up safely and monitored throughout the conference. We have worked with a number of companies who book their conferences with us year after year.